ABOUT Commission

Commission your own painting of a pet or a loved one. Every painting is completed with great attention to detail making sure you get not only the best likeness to the subject, but a stunning painting your family will treasure forever. Deimante uses high quality archival materials ensuring that your painting will last for many lifetimes.

I try to reflect the time I spend and cost of the high quality materials I use in my work. Each piece is done with perfection in mind however many hours that takes.

Note: You are purchasing a one-of-a-kind luxury work of art, made just for you. I do not manipulate your photos in any way. I draw and paint freehand, stroke by stroke from scratch. Painting traditionally, I spend many many hours creating your personalized custom portrait.


Portrait fee range:

Drawing fees portrait per person or pet. (Coloured on pastel mat)

  • 18x24cm = £100.00
  • 25x35cm = £150.00
  • 30x40cm = £200.00
  • 40x60cm = £275.00
  • 50x70cm = £350.00
  • 70x100cm = £650.00
  • Subjects can be any of your choice, dog, cat, pet, person, horse, etc. Detailed backgrounds range from £50+.

Portrait fee range:

Drawing fees portrait 2 subjects person or pet. (Coloured on pastel mat)

  • 30x40cm = £300.00
  • 40x60cm = £400.00
  • 50x70cm = £500.00
  • 70x100cm= £900.00
  • Subjects can be any of your choice, dog, cat, pet, person, horse, etc. Detailed backgrounds range from £100+.

Payment information

A deposit of 50% is required to begin your project with the balance due upon completion. Visa, MasterCard and PayPal are accepted.

Delivery of the Final Work

When the painting is finished, I will deliver it personally or by insured carrier, crated for safe transport and delivery.

  • Client is responsible for delivery costs
  • Framing is extra.

Very important:- Viewing a painted portrait for the first time — as I have witnessed many times in my career — can be "an alarming experience." What one is accustomed to seeing reflected in photography has now been interpreted by me, the painter, in brush strokes of varying angles, color, length, thickness, value, texture and placement — and other qualities too mysterious for words. This is the heart of impressionism.

Additionally there is the added fact that virtually everyone "knows their own face backwards." This is from almost exclusively seeing your own reflection in the mirror every day. It is how you know you, but not how others do, since no one has a perfectly symmetrical face. This is why, for example, you may not like a photograph of you that others tell you is very flattering.

Therefore, what I deliver as "finished" is delivered under the following conditions:

  • you agree to "live with it" for 2 weeks before requesting changes.
  • invite relatives and friends to see it.
  • ask for their impressions and comments — and do not influence them with your impressions.
  • listen to them and believe them as they tell you how remarkably accurate the portrait captures the true likeness of the subject. I have never had a portrait returned for rework.

    Your satisfaction is what I demand for myself
  • If after two weeks you are not satisfied, any adjustments necessary will be readily apparent, and quickly changeable due to the clarity achieved in the display period.

Ways you can send your photos

The artist will happily write a dedication on the back of the print if requested.
Each print is signed by the artist and comes with a certificate of authenticity.